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Property Details


12887 Guffey Lane & 12620 Explorer Lane | Melba, Idaho


Guffey Lane: RP01S02W340600
Explorer Lane: RP02S02W030001, RP02S02W023600, RP02S02W110600 





  • The Class 2 to 4 soils can grow a broad variety of crops from Alfalfa, to beans, to potatoes and grains

  • Multi Year FSA contract for Barley (86.7 acres) and corn (46 ac res) with payments ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 annually, transfers to new owner

  • Alfalfa Production - up to 7 ton per acre annually

  • Winter Wheat – annual rotation on up to 20% of the farm. Winter wheat yields are 10,000 to 15,000 bu annually

  • Once in contract the Seller will share the locally produced professional farm appraisal of the Property that provides further insight to the Offering



  • The majority of the farmland is class 2 to 4 based on local standards

  • The dry grazing is class 7 

  • There is a farmer leasing the property who’s both capable and experienced in the operation of this Offering


  • Water for the Farmsteads comes from individual wells

  • There is a deep, hot water well on the upper (southern) portion of the property

  • The majority of the irrigation water is from private pumps on t he Snake River and a water right of 7.98 cfs/2280.4 AFY. 2275 AFY is irrigation on water with period of use during the year of 3/01 to 12/01. The remaining 5.4 AFY is stockwater with a year-round use period

  • The water right use area is 488 acres, however the farm spreads water to additional acreage



  • Hundreds of quail, in addition to chukar, Hungarian partridge and waterfowl inhabit the property and the BLM lands bordering the east side of the property

  • Rabbit Creek transects the property north to south and provides resting areas for upland and waterfowl

  • Mule deer frequent the property, coming from the public lands to the east. They split their time between the neighboring sage steppe, the watering holes on ranch and foraging in the farm fields

  • The Snake River Ranch at Guffey has exclusive access to these lands as they are on the west side of Guffey Butte and difficult to access from public lands and roads


Total Acreage: 976.23

Irrigated Pivot Acreage (w/Water Rights): 451
Other Irrigated: 37
Dry Pasture/Recreation: 316.73
Farmstead: 5.25
Shop and Yard: 6.25
Additional Pivot (w/o/Water Rights): 155
Waste Ground: 5

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