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The Snake River Ranch at Guffey rests on the south bank of the majestic Snake River in Owyhee County, just 40 minutes from Boise, Idaho’s capital city. The irrigation water source is an updated pumping station in the Snake River supplemented by well water. All underground water mains have been updated and most irrigation is delivered via modern remote monitored pivots covering 655 acres. The water rights for the property are both mature and secure. In addition to the current rotation of hay and grain, the farm has successfully grown potatoes, sugar beets, corn, dry beans and other high-value crops.


Hunting and fishing enthusiasts frequent Owyhee County and the Snake River for their abundant upland, waterfowl and big game hunting opportunities. The Snake River Ranch at Guffey provides all these opportunities in a private, close-in setting that includes exclusive access to hundreds of acres of government lands on Guffey Butte not readily accessible otherwise.


This property is readily accessible from Idaho State Highway 78, just a few miles north of the Owyhee County seat at Murphy, Idaho. This is a one of a kind property with exceptional agricultural and recreational opportunities combined with a magnificent setting on the edge of world famous Snake River and the Owyhee uplands.




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Local Area Overview
Melba, Idaho

Melba is a small farming community, nestled in the Snake River Valley of Southwest Idaho. This town is surrounded by vast agricultural lands growing a diverse variety of crops which include potatoes, beans, sugar beets, onions, corn and grain. Known as The Seed Heart of America, Melba area farmers excel in growing seed crops for onions, carrots, peas, beans and sweet corn seed as well as alfalfa and clover.


Although small, the community offers all the amenities that people need, such as great public K-12 schools, a grocery store, restaurants, QRU facilities, a local fire district, medical and dental clinics. Major medical services and shopping malls are available 20 minutes away in nearby Nampa with excellent highway access.


This area is a sportsman’s dream come true, due to the close proximity of fishing in streams, rivers and mountain lakes, camping, boating, hunting, hiking, horseback riding, snow and water skiing, and other sport opportunities.

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